Real Estate

F&P strategies and programs are largely reflective of our senior management’s extensive real estate experience which spans over two decades. We partner with top-tier brokers, international developers, sophisticated investors and customer-friendly lending institutions to provide our clients with exclusive investment opportunities – thereby offering our clients “off-market” investment portfolios, as well as high return on investment products.

Purchase / Sale

  • On-site VIP showing of pre-selected properties, accompanied by our Senior Executive.
  • Off-market listing, avoiding competitively and widely bid property offerings.
  • Act as the exclusive broker, evaluate and identify the right property for Purchase / Sale to suit the best interest of our clients.

Rental / Management

  • Conduct tenant background search, i.e. Credit and Employment verification, tax returns review.
  • Collect rent, bookkeeping, manage State and Federal tax bills and maintenance, with the highest degree of expertise.
  • Actively advertise properties to keep high occupancy and generate favorable rental income.

Legal Service

  • Consult on the most suitable form of legal entity, i.e. filing of Inc./LLC, incorporating within 24 hours, zero registered capital, as well as creation of Trust Found.
  • Contract Review and Negotiations by our Senior Attorneys.
  • Due Diligence Report -show title history, property condition, highlight legal issues and key points to be addressed.
  • Pre-approval of all title materials, examination of transfer documents and taxes to ensure the success of the transaction.
  • Representation in Landlord / Tenant disputes, negotiate the most favorable terms on our clients’ behalf.

Financial Service

  • Advise on foreign exchange controls, helping clients to legally make their investment funds ready in advance.
  • Assist in opening of local bank account, no personal interview, no domiciled address.
  • Evaluation of credit history to prepare for borrowing from a U.S. banking institution i.e. building high credit scores, establishing client and bank relation, selecting most favorable lending program.
  • Consult on complex tax requirements, i.e.transfer tax, mansion tax, property tax, income tax and corporation tax.
  • Provide long and / or short-term financial strategy planning.