Kaufman & Company

A national trial and litigation law firm with Cleveland and New York offices, Kaufman & Company offers an uncomplicated, solutions-oriented approach to high-stakes, complex business litigation. Their team brings high-caliber experience, flexibility and strategic thinking to commercial litigation matters in areas including financial services, real estate, intellectual property and professional/fiduciary liability. They offer timely, effective solutions as they demonstrate creativity inside and outside the courtroom.

Formed in January 2011 by Steven S. Kaufman, Kaufman & Company has built a team of attorneys with significant experience in bench and jury trials who have litigated cases in State and Federal Courts throughout the United States.

Ferrante and Kaufman both share a global scale outreach philosophy characterized by a boutique approach. Domestic and international clients will benefit from these two sides of the same coin and will receive business minded solutions to their legal needs. Also, Ferrante will be able to more thoroughly plan the activity for specific clients. Identifying, preparing and anticipating legal needs for the client by completing our spectrum of services will be an added value for our clientele. Litigation is a more frequent possibility in today’s business world and now we are well equipped!

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