Ferrante provides everything its clients need to establish, manage and grow their businesses in the U.S., including traditional and e-commerce ventures.

Establish: The Firm assists clients in obtaining a U.S. legal entity for their operations and manages the transactions required to start a new organization or acquire an existing one, while limiting clients’ exposure to liability. Ferrante also executes a myriad of contractual agreements – including distribution, license, sales representative and more – that coordinate operations among clients’ partners, manufacturers, warehouses, agents and customers.

Manage: The Firm can provide corporate governance, helping clients oversee and manage the responsibilities of running an international corporation. The Firm can also provide ongoing corporate counsel for new businesses that cannot initially support internal legal counsel.

Grow: Drawing on its extensive network of business contacts, the Firm works with clients to reach out to other brands, explore business possibilities, negotiate new partnerships and draft the requisite contracts.

E-commerce: The Firm negotiates software development contracts as well as outsourcing, licensing, distribution, confidentiality and ASP agreements for all forms of information technology. The Firm also develops distribution structures for online commerce and retail and advises on data ownership and security issues related to website development, electronic communications and more.