Practice Areas

Whether working with foreign or Chinese companies, traditional or e-commerce businesses, Ferrante & Partners, Ltd. offers its prestigious clients individualized advice and services in corporate transactions, real estate, visa services, strategic brand positioning, marketing and project management. F & P has established a reputation for:

  • Their unique Sino-American business model and hands on experience, with an accomplished team of multi-lingual experts (fluent in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Chinese), who provide professional legal & business consulting services to clients, while exceeding their expectations
  • Each partner has more than 10 years of industry experience: all have studied, lived, and invested in many different foreign countries;
  • Close cooperation with U.S. financial institutions, real estate and commercial industries, our clients can easily expand their businesses in U.S., with the international platform provided by us.

F&P was founded on principles of expertise, experience, and excellence. As all our partners have extensive knowledge of emerging markets, international stakeholders, and foreign direct investment consulting, we are proud and confident that our team of professionals will not just meet but also exceed the various needs and expectations of all of our clientele in various fields.


Visa services are an essential part of expanding any business to the U.S. As F & P’s partner, Ferrante Law Firm has been assisting clients in obtaining appropriate visas in the last 15 years, ensuring a smooth transition to the U.S. business world, while avoiding costly delays.

Whether seeking temporary or permanent residence in the United States, we help clients choose the right solution for themselves and their organizations from the numerous existing options:

Work or Travel Visas:

  • B-1 and B-2 visas for those visiting the U.S. on business or pleasure;
  • L-1A/B visas for executives/managers or workers with specialized knowledge to enter the U.S. for the purpose of work;
  • H-1B visas for professionals;
  • O-1A and O-1B visas for clients who demonstrate extraordinary ability in their field, like: technology, education, commerce, athletics and arts;
  • J-1 visas for exchange visitors, especially to obtain medical/business training or internship within the U.S.

Permanent Residence (Green Card) and/or Naturalization

  • EB-1: preference category for United States employment-based permanent residency, for some executives and managers of foreign companies who are transferred to the US. EB-5 visa for immigrant investors who invest money in the U.S. (Invest in the regional center projects or invest $1,000,000 in any business projects);
  • Strategizing the most appropriate procedure for permanent residency in the U.S. and executing the intricacies of such plan;
  • Processing all paperwork, including “PERM” or “Adjust of Status or Consular Processing” applications for green cards, and any requests from U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services for further evidence and/or notices of intent to deny;
  • Preparing for adjustment interviews (green cards process) and/or naturalization interviews.

Real Estate:

F&P strategies and programs are largely reflective of our senior management’s extensive real estate experience which spans over two decades. We partner with top-tier brokers, international developers, sophisticated investors and customer-friendly lending institutions to provide our clients with exclusive investment opportunities – thereby offering our clients “off-market” investment portfolios, as well as high return on investment products.

Purchase / Sale

  • On-site VIP showing of pre-selected properties, accompanied by our Senior Executive.
  • Off-market listing, avoiding competitively and widely bid property offerings.
  • Act as the exclusive broker, evaluate and identify the right property for Purchase / Sale to suit the best interest of our clients.

Rental / Management

  • Conduct tenant background search, i.e. Credit and Employment verification, tax returns review.
  • Collect rent, bookkeeping, manage State and Federal tax bills and maintenance, with the highest degree of expertise.
  • Actively advertise properties to keep high occupancy and generate favorable rental income.

Legal Service

  • Consult on the most suitable form of legal entity, i.e. filing of Inc./LLC, incorporating within 24 hours, zero registered capital, as well as creation of Trust Found.
  • Contract Review and Negotiations by our Senior Attorneys.
  • Due Diligence Report -show title history, property condition, highlight legal issues and key points to be addressed.
  • Pre-approval of all title materials, examination of transfer documents and taxes to ensure the success of the transaction.
  • Representation in Landlord / Tenant disputes, negotiate the most favorable terms on our clients’ behalf.

Financial Service

  • Advise on foreign exchange controls, helping clients to legally make their investment funds ready in advance.
  • Assist in opening of local bank account, no personal interview, no domiciled address.
  • Evaluation of credit history to prepare for borrowing from a U.S. banking institution i.e. building high credit scores, establishing client and bank relation, selecting most favorable lending program.
  • Consult on complex tax requirements, i.e.transfer tax, mansion tax, property tax, income tax and corporation tax.
  • Provide long and / or short-term financial strategy planning.